Small Engine Repair Guide

Small Engine Repair Guide

There are a number of reasons you might be looking for a small engine repair guide. Perhaps you are a “do it yourselfer” and have a small engine repair project at home you are attempting to tackle. Or, perhaps you are considering a career or starting a business as a small engine repair mechanic. Regardless of your reasons, the small engine repair guide will help you learn the fundamentals of small engine repair, enhance your skills, and solve specific problems repairing small engines.

Small engine repair involves the service and maintenance of low-power combustion engines that run on gasoline. Small engine repair focuses on the types of engines found in outdoor power equipment and power tools as well as outdoor recreational equipment. Examples of such pieces of equipment include lawnmowers, tillers, weed eaters, snowblowers, chainsaws, leafblowers, and even motorcycles, 4 wheelers, and ATVs.

Careers In The Small Engine Repair Guide

If you have mechanical aptitude and an inquisitive nature, small engine repair could be a career you might want to consider. The increase in sales of outdoor recreational vehicles and more complicated lawn and garden maintenance tools has increased the need for certified mechanics who know how to repair small engines (which, of course, you will learn in the small engine repair guide) and makes a career in small engine repair a good one. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), small engine repair is expected to grow from 2008 to 2018.

Small engine techs are employed by small engine repair shops, equipment rental companies, marinas and boatyards, landscaping services and wholesale distributors. And, small engine repair skills often transfer well to other industries, such as automobile or heavy vehicle repair. The small engine repair guide will help teach you the skills required to pursue a career in the industry.

Why You Need The Small Engine Repair Guide

Because there are not many post-secondary small engine repair programs, many small engine repair mechanics will learn on the job in combination with online courses. That makes the small engine repair guide an optimal choice to learn how to repair small engines.

After studying the small engine repair guide, you be able to repair a small engine at home in your own garage. Or, you will be able to join the over 30,000 other small engine mechanics that work for motor vehicle dealers, an industry that includes retail dealers of motorcycles, boats, and miscellaneous vehicles; or for retail hardware, lawn, and garden stores.

Small engine repair maintenance specialists and small engine mechanics perform routine maintenance as well as troubleshoot and fix engines on small devices. A skilled small engine repair mechanic observes, listens to and tests the engine he is working on. The small engine repair guide will teach you how to diagnose small engine problems by understanding electrical, ignition, cooling and other systems in small engines. As part of the small engine repair guide, you will learn about the particular tools which are required for small engine repair, and how to use them to successfully repair a small engine.

If you are ready to learn how to repair small engines, whether that means fixing your own lawnmower or starting a small engine repair career either working out of your garage or for an employer, the small engine repair guide will help you learn the skills you need to successfully repair a small engine.